Organizing with Labels

Labels are one of the most powerful tools in the Specless platform. For one thing, they make searching your organization for creatives a breeze. But that's just the beginning of what they can do. Let's look at some ways to harness the power of labels.

Labels keep you organized

Custom labels can be added to any content you create, including Creatives, Templates, Formats, Tags, and Reports. And because labels are treated as data and are available universally throughout the Specless platform, they can be used to create connections between different kinds of content.

To use labels to their full potential, be sure to add descriptive labels to every piece of content you create. What do we mean by "full potential?" Here's an example:

Let's say you are working on a campaign for a new car. You can create a label called "New Car" and add it to the campaign's creative. When you generate tags for the campaign, you can add the "New Car" label to those tags as well. Then, when you're ready to dive into the campaign's analytics, you can generate a report that pulls the data for all the creatives with the "New Car" label.

Auto-generated labels

Some labels are created and added to new content automatically by the Specless platform. For instance, an "Advertiser" label is automatically added to every creative. Additionally, creatives and templates that include certain features or functionality, such as video or interactivity, will also have auto-generated labels.--

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Organizing with Labels

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